Your personal navigator in the jungle of Public Transportation
Never miss a Bus again!
If you want information about
  • departures of public transport,
  • from nearest stops, which are in your neighbourhood according to GPS,
  • in the immediate time,
you only have to make one click.
After clicking the list with information about departures appears, and to each departure is shown:
  • stop, from which the transport leaves,
  • direction of transport,
  • time when the transport leaves,
  • time left to departure,
  • type of public transport : bus, trolley bus, tram, night bus).
Of course, you can see journey route similar as it is in real stop.
Don't you know where are you exactly in Bratislava?
We have simple solution, only one click is needed.
It shows you
  • map,
  • your actual position highlighted,
  • highlighed nearest stops.
You can choose from different types of maps and if you accidentaly lost yourself, just return to your actual position.
Do you want to plan your journey from stop to stop?
After entering
  • start stop - option to choose from all stops,
  • final stop - option to choose from all stops,
  • time,
  • maximum of changes,
  • walking speed
the applicable connections are shown. For every connection there are
  • start stop of link,
  • link direction,
  • number of link,
  • time, when the first link leave,
  • time, which left to departure.
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